About Us

me and mom at Salisbury Beach in New Hampshire 

Making old things new...

     My name is Ginger (above on the right), and I was born and raised in New England, but I got to Texas as soon as I could. From a young age, my passion for black & white movies, Victorian styles, and antique jewelry from yesteryear drew me in like nothing else. They remind me of my sweet mom (above on the left), the greatest lady I know. She has influenced me so much in my life, more than she realizes. While studying and working like crazy while in college years ago, God intervened in my life and handed me the rare opportunity to work at an actual antique jewelry shop - which felt almost surreal! The festooned pieces lit something deep within me; soon enough ideas were popping into my head about how these intricate designs could be recreated for modern times. The resulting collection features intricately detailed rings, earrings and pendants designed around their classic predecessors. I love the simply beauty and innocence of time gone by. I believe strongly that beauty lies within every small details.… We proudly sell these lovingly crafted designs at wholesale prices! Bless you for loving these treasures too.

Many Blessings,

Meet The Team

Lise and Krystal

      Lise (right) and Krystal (left) are the sweetest ladies I ever met! I met Lise at church a number of years ago and liked her right away. I knew she was a kindred spirit. She and her amazing and beautiful daughter have become like family to me. Shortly after I met Lise she told me she had a very smart daughter. I was looking for help running the jewelry business and Lise insisted Krystal could do the job. After talking with Krystal and getting to know her a bit, she told me she was very smart. I told her, "You're hired!" It turned about that Lise and Krystal are not only smart... but amazing souls who are kind, hard-working, and most importantly they love the Lord. They bring their love and faith to work with them, and together we work to make Silver Embrace Jewelry more than just a business. They, and all of their family, have become my family. I am truly blessed! May our little team be a blessing to you too. We are so grateful that you found us.